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Factors that influence our dog behavior

To be able to explain the factors that will influence the development of our dog’s behaviour, it is convenient to analyze what are the stages of its development, this will help us understand it better.

Stages of the development of the dog:

Prenatal: From fertilization until birth.
Newborn: From birth to 2 weeks.
Transition: 2 to 3 weeks.
Socialization: From 3 to 12 weeks.
Juvenile: 3 to 8 months.
Adult: 8 to 12 months.
Maturity: 1-2 years.

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Even before birth, already there are stimuli that are involved in the development of the future puppy, at this stage thePrenatal stage, one of the factors to take into account is the State of stress which is subjected to the mother, and can affect the puppy after birth with a problem of behavior such as hyperactivity or reducing their learning ability.

When the puppy is born, in the Neonatal stage, is now directly exposed to stimuli from the environment despite being born with the senses of sight and hearing without developing. It is the sense of smell that helps the puppy at this stage to create ties with the mother, essential for their proper development and also with the humans. We must achieve a balance between stress and the manipulation of the puppy, for this reason and in order to lay the foundations of a proper relationship with humans, we recommend to have contact with the puppy despite to submit to the mother and the puppies of the litter to certain levels of stress. In this period, it is also important to respect the time of sleep of the puppies and not pass hunger or cold, this circumstance we will realize quickly, because puppies do not stop crying until this situation has been restored.

We have the shortest stage, the Stage of transition, this is one of the least appropriate times to separate the puppies from their mother. A fast motor maturation occurs in this period and of the senses, so in some texts we find it referred to as “Phase of the Awakening”. At this time, the puppy begins to explore the immediate vicinity of the nest and if leave you enough space, will try to make bowel movements out of this. Here begins to forge the famous task: how to get that puppy does not make bowel movements inside House?

With all this we arrived at the most important stage, the Stage of socialization, it is said that in this period the puppy has the window to new experiences open fully and if does not seize it enough will lose this opportunity since it will go by slowly closing. Therefore, you should start a career by giving to our puppy all possible experiences.

Here arises us another question: when is the appropriate age to take the puppy home? The answer is different, depending on the Kennel where we choose the puppy. Let’s clarify this answer; on the basis of which should not be never before the 6th week of life, if the breeder is doing things properly (having the puppy with the mother and siblings of litter and is showing stimuli such as children, babies, adults, the online dog trainer review, other animals, sounds, lights, sound of music, television and car noises, varied objects) (, different textures to step on, etc.) We should not be any hurry to take us to the puppy, in fact probably is socializing him better than we could do it. Recent studies in this sense we are warned that there is a period critic between the 8th and the 10th week, that if our puppy have traumatic experiences, is more difficult that can manage them correctly, and may cause behavior problems associated with fear. On the other hand, if we took the puppy from a farm or shop is tucked into an enclosure reduced without leave and without having any kind of experience, in addition to remove him as soon as possible, must take into account probably touch us more work due to socialize him and that time plays against us (only have up to three months of age will start to dominate the fear about the curiosity in the puppy). In some books we can find that the socialization period just four months, this would help us to having a little more than time to provide experiences, but if we have scientific studies that place this period between the third week of life and the doceava, why risk us? It not be better to make sure the puppy giving all possible experiences before the third month?

The time comes to talk about another typical question: with what age I can get the puppy to the street? The answer in this case would as soon as possible. Always recommended to take into account periods of vaccination, that is why we have to reach an agreement with the veterinarian and find a balance between physical and mental health of our dog. Without statistical details, we can say without risk of mistakes too that currently many dogs slaughtered by behavioral problems, such as disease die when they are puppies. We must be advised by our veterinarian, the will tell us the places of greatest risk that we must avoid, for example places where we can find dogs that are not controlled, sanitary, depositions of other dogs or cats, etc. But in general, we try to get the puppy to the street even in our arms and seek out opportunities to present to all the neighbors and possible family. And for those who still believe that the puppy at home is safe from all: remember to sterilize your whole body, including clothing and footwear before having contact with your puppy, if they come from the street and much more if they have cherished to another dog.

There is a very good quote from a specialist in animal behavior, which helps us to understand the importance of this period: “the socialization is the vaccine of behavioral problems”.

In the next stage, the Juvenile stage, we must continue to reinforce all the work done in the previous stage and if we found that our puppy has particular difficulty with any situation, we must do more emphasis on this aspect, otherwise he might consolidate as a behavioral problem.

The Adult stage may be a period of uncertainty for the owner, to coincide with the sexual maturity, can be seen in our dog behaviors that we had not seen before. A dog does not change from night to morning, but behaviors like start to lift the leg to urinate (sometimes in places that are not suitable), marking of urine in females, mov copulatorios, signs of tension in the relationship with other dogs… that can be really disconcerting.

Finally, we find the Maturity stage, here we will continue strengthening the work started at the beginning of the life of the dog obedience and education, to be prevented before signs of tension that take its maximum expression.

If we have managed to reach the two years life of our dog taking into account all of the suggestions, congratulations and continue enjoying your partner at least another ten years more!…

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How to Rewrite Articles Using the Article Rewriter of Small SEO Tools

If you have done rewriting manually, then there is a huge chance that you already know how difficult it is to do. It can actually be one of the most time consuming and energy demanding writing activities you can ever do. And because of that, many developers have created a tool that lets people get around this. For instance, the small SEO tools have developed an article rewriter that can produce high quality rewritten contents. But using an article rewriter is not just as simple as you may think it is. So to help you with that, this article will discuss to you the things that you should do when doing an article rewriter using the article rewriter.

Rewriting the Title

The title of your rewritten article will be the first thing that readers will notice. For this reason, as much as possible your article should be enticing and attracting that readers will actually proceed in reading your rewritten content. What you have to do is to change the title of the rewritten article. When rewriting the title of an article, make it more enticing and appealing. However, make sure that the title still conveys the same message to the readers.

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Rewriting the Introduction

Like the title, the introduction of an article is also important. It will determine whether the readers of your article will proceed into reading the entire piece. For this reason, you should rewrite the introduction of the original article into something that will make the content engaging. Make the introduction an appealing brief summary of what readers will learn and know from the article.

Rewriting the Body of the Article

After rewriting the title and introduction, you should now proceed with rewriting the body of the article. You should paraphrase or rewrite by paragraph, sentence, and word. Having an extensive vocabulary is a big help. You can use a thesaurus and dictionary to help you with rewriting per word. This part of the rewriting process will help you ensure that the rewritten work will be original and unique. Just make sure that the right ideas and concepts fall into place so that readers will enjoy reading your rewritten content.

Reordering the Paragraphs of the Article

Final piece of advice is to reorder the paragraphs of an article so that the rewritten article that you produce can appear much different from the original. Reorder the paragraphs by interchanging them. But remember that in doing so, the order should still be coherent, logical, and reasonable.

You now have the aforementioned guidelines in your hands. You will now be able to rewrite your articles and content easier and without consuming much time and effort. To do so, use the article rewriter from the small SEO tools.

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Your Dream Honeymoon Awaits You in Dubai

every year increasingly people are figuring out the splendid capacity of Dubai. As a end result, Dubai is speedy turning into a chief traveller enchantment. Dubai offers exceptional eating, luxurious hotels, an notable purchasing enjoy, dessert safari’s, and a totally pleasant community so one can revel in in your special holiday. Dubai is an area wherein you and your substantial other can simply experience a romantic and memorable honeymoon.To know more about Dubai Desert Safari see our website.

Dubai Desert Safari

lodges in Dubai
Dubai gives a large amount of luxury resorts for honeymooners to no longer most effective loosen up in but to experience themselves immensely as well. some popular accommodations in Dubai encompass the five stars Jumeirah seaside lodge, Le Meridien Mina Seyahi lodge, Habtoor Grand resort And Spa, and the Oasis seashore Tower residences. these Dubai lodges consist of lodging like complete breakfasts, gyms, and most even provide a jacuzzi something any honeymooner is will revel in. you can discover maximum of those accommodations placed directly on or near Dubai a number of first-rate seashores.

Dubai holidays
if your trying to holiday in Dubai the best time so one can go to could be anywhere between November and April whilst the climate is a bit extra mild. Rain is a rare thing however it’s miles usually sunny, Dubai vacations may be lots more exciting within the cooler weather. every other exact point approximately this time is in the earlier months Dubai host the Dubai shopping festival. Dubai offers a selection of sports on the way to experience all through your live the most popular ones being a number of their extraordinary safari tours.

Dubai Flights
You defiantly do not want to spend all of your cash on the flight to Dubai, while there’s a lot extra you may do with it. you may discover a massive amount of reasonably-priced and low priced Dubai flights, try traveling unique sites till you locate the right Dubai flight for your honeymoon. there are numerous options if you certainly spend a touch time learning. it is even viable to find a few iconic programs that assist you to make the absolute most out of your ride along with inexpensive Dubai flights and Dubai lodges. it’s far even viable when shopping one plan or another you is probably included on distinct safari tours at a dishtv reduced fee, making the maximum from your ride for the least sum of money.

So whether or not you young or vintage, simply married or were married for fifty years, go to Dubai, in your unique holiday and make it a honeymoon for the a while. With the awesome websites, unimaginable dessert safaris, and simply all around friendly human beings, you can not move incorrect when you make Dubai your favored honeymoon vacation spot.

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