How to Rewrite Articles Using the Article Rewriter of Small SEO Tools

If you have done rewriting manually, then there is a huge chance that you already know how difficult it is to do. It can actually be one of the most time consuming and energy demanding writing activities you can ever do. And because of that, many developers have created a tool that lets people get around this. For instance, the small SEO tools have developed an article rewriter that can produce high quality rewritten contents. But using an article rewriter is not just as simple as you may think it is. So to help you with that, this article will discuss to you the things that you should do when doing an article rewriter using the article rewriter.

Rewriting the Title

The title of your rewritten article will be the first thing that readers will notice. For this reason, as much as possible your article should be enticing and attracting that readers will actually proceed in reading your rewritten content. What you have to do is to change the title of the rewritten article. When rewriting the title of an article, make it more enticing and appealing. However, make sure that the title still conveys the same message to the readers.

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Rewriting the Introduction

Like the title, the introduction of an article is also important. It will determine whether the readers of your article will proceed into reading the entire piece. For this reason, you should rewrite the introduction of the original article into something that will make the content engaging. Make the introduction an appealing brief summary of what readers will learn and know from the article.

Rewriting the Body of the Article

After rewriting the title and introduction, you should now proceed with rewriting the body of the article. You should paraphrase or rewrite by paragraph, sentence, and word. Having an extensive vocabulary is a big help. You can use a thesaurus and dictionary to help you with rewriting per word. This part of the rewriting process will help you ensure that the rewritten work will be original and unique. Just make sure that the right ideas and concepts fall into place so that readers will enjoy reading your rewritten content.

Reordering the Paragraphs of the Article

Final piece of advice is to reorder the paragraphs of an article so that the rewritten article that you produce can appear much different from the original. Reorder the paragraphs by interchanging them. But remember that in doing so, the order should still be coherent, logical, and reasonable.

You now have the aforementioned guidelines in your hands. You will now be able to rewrite your articles and content easier and without consuming much time and effort. To do so, use the article rewriter from the small SEO tools.


Author: Constance Ramos