What is a Dash Cam, and why should you have one?

best dash camWe’ve all been there — with no warning, a family trip, a late-night trip to the petrol station, or a road trip with buddies could go horribly wrong.

Whether it’s a distracted driver, a fender-bender, or even an incidence of road rage, it only requires a minute for tragedy to strike.

South Africa’s roads are notoriously dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike. According to the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), over 14 000 people died on South African roads in 2016 — 9 percent more than in 2015 — and this last Easter, fatalities increased by a striking 51% compared to previous year!

As motorists, we need every bit of help we could get. However, is there anything you can do to be sure you’re ready for the terrifying reality of driving in South Africa?

There might be an answer:

Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras — or dash cams — are little digital cameras mounted on your vehicle’s dash, which record everything that occurs on your travels. Most dashboard cams start recording when you start your engine, and in case of an event, dashboard cams can provide you, your family, and even your insurer, peace of mind.

Insurance companies in the United Kingdom offer around 15% off your premiums when you have best dash cam installed, and it’s merely a matter of time until South African carriers do exactly the same.

The evidence captured by your dash camera might not only aid you with insurance claims, but it can also supply a weapon against dirty dealings on South Africa’s roads. Dash cams spiked in popularity with drivers in Russia who employed them to combat widespread police corruption and insurance fraudsters, who engineered accidents to make insurance claims.

Our Top 3 Best Dash Cams for 2017:

Garmin Dash Cam 45:

The Garmin Dash Cam 45 retails at R2,499 and comes with a 2.1 megapixel camera, with 1080p video capture, that works in low-light conditions. In addition, it has forward collision and lane departure warnings, alarms for local security cameras, and it’s GPS-enabled automated incident detection retains video footage on effect.

StealthDashCam Front and Rear Camera Dash Cam:

Positioned discreetly before your rear view mirror, the StealthDashCam is able to record both the action in front and behind your car, giving you even more safety.
Dash cams provide you and your loved ones with a little additional safety when driving SA’s roads – but why take the risk?


Author: Constance Ramos