In this business of escorting, one of the major factors that determine how the experience will be is the point of the meeting. As you book our elite escorts in London, always have this factor in your mind. There are a few meeting points our escorts relate with. Therefore, they have to be consulted before any arrangements. When suggesting the meeting point, pick strategic and easy to locate points. The location should also make her feel safe. If not, you will have to change it. Also, in case you need any help with the meeting arrangements, you can always let us help you out and we will take care of elite escorts in ondon every arrangement. Dolls and Roses is always at your disposal for all needs.



This is one of the most preferred meeting places for most of our elite escorts in London. Hotels feel safe and they are a neutral ground. If it is your first meeting, this is the best place. It will make everyone comfortable and everyone will be at ease. When the sense of security is great, the experience will be great.


There are those elite escorts in London who will prefer the meeting point to be their home. This is a good option when they have met you twice or thrice and they have established a few things Dolls and Roses about you. It is an environment that makes them feel safe and in control. For some, it is their rental apartments but they do not live there.


This option will work best if they have known you for a while and they trust you. It will not be the best place for the first meeting because it is unfamiliar to her and it’s a territory where you have the ability to exercise authority.  This may make her feel uneasy and this will ruin the experience.

These are some of the meeting points for our elite escorts in London and their clients. Every meeting point will be agreed upon by the parties involved.


Author: Constance Ramos